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shields: defensive device carried by a knight; also part of an armorial emblazon in heraldry.

Types of Armour
65.—Shield in the British Museum.
66.—Shield in the Meyrick Collection
67.—Circular British Shield.
80.—British and Roman Weapons.
86.—Prow of a Roman Galley.
97.—Roman Soldiers.
114.—Conflict between Romans and Barbarians.
115.—Rome—A fragment after Piranesi.
116.—Roman Victory.
122.—The earliest figure of Britannia on a Roman coin.
191.—Arms and costume of the Tribes on the Western Shores of the Baltic.
194.—Ringed Mail. Cotton MS. Claud. B, 4.
Military Costume, Middle of Fifteenth Century.
Costume of Fifteenth Century Bowman
2045.—Infantry Armour, 1625 (From a Specimen at Goodrich Court; engraved in Skelton’s Armour)
Heraldic Crest and Symbols of Art
Heraldic Crest and Symbols of Industry