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temples: a place of worship.
Synonyms: church , mosque , synagogue , cathedral

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Druidical Antiquities
Frontispiece, Judges V. 20.
1.—Ground Plan of Stonehenge in its present state.
2.—Stonehenge. – Restored Plan.
3.—Stonehenge. – Perspective Elevation, restored.
4.—Stonehenge: section 1 to 2 (Restored Plan, Fig. 2), 105 feet.
9.—Druidical Circle of Jersey
Plate 1: Book I, Chapter 2
Rome: Pantheon
25.—General View of Abury Restored.
26.—Abury Plan and Section
27.—Abury.  Extended Plan.
28.—Abury.  Bird’s eye view, from the South.
34.—Stones at Stanton Drew
I. Aetna over Taormina
II. The Theatre, Segesta
III. The Temple Over the Canyon, Segesta
IV. From Temple to Temple, Girgenti
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