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towers: buildings or parts of buildings that are tall and narrow, such as a church tower or a castle turret.

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Newark Tower
Warwick Castle from the River
Frontispiece: Magdalen Tower.
1. Castor, Northamptonshire, from the South-West.  A Norman Church with alterations and additions of each succeeding style.
Knight and Hermit
Detail from title page
The Great Court, Trinity College
A Siege of the Fifteenth Century
Plate 1: Book I, Chapter 2
Windsor Castle, The Royal Residence
2. Castle Hedingham, Essex
Plate II. Canterbury Cathedral. South West View.
35.—Round Tower of Donoughmore.
Plate III. Gloucester Cathedral. West Front and South Side.
View of Oxford
Untitled image, Mediaeval tower
Houses of Parliament from the River, temp Charles II.
103.—Ruins of the Ancient Church of Reculver.
107.—Walls and Gate, Pevensey.
108.—Walls, Pevensey.
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