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water: open surfaces of water, such as oceans, rivers, lakes, or waterfalls.

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Newark Tower
Warwick Castle from the River
Frontispiece: Clerk Colvill
Frontispiece 1: A Titan of the polar sea lazily drifting with the current
Frontispiece: A Dream: Tertiary Man.
A Dream: Tertiary man (Ultra HD TV version)
Chapter Heading Woodcut featuring Neptune and Mermaids
The Bridge at Durham
Windsor Castle, The Royal Residence
1.—Scarborough: General View of the South Bay
Perseus und Andromeda.
Bedford Bridge
The Chimæra
4.—View on the Grand Canal
Byron’s Pool
Page 5.  The scent of the cherry-blossoms
58.—British Coracles.
The shore was covered with men ready for battle
Houses of Parliament from the River, temp Charles II.
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