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buildings: man-made structures.

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Frontispiece: Cathedral o Messina
Frontispiece: United States Capitol, Washington
Sheldonian Theatre from Title Page
Windsor Castle, The Royal Residence
4.—View on the Grand Canal
49.—Huts in a Cingalese Village.
Houses of Parliament from the River, temp Charles II.
Wilton House
View From City Walls (Widescreen Version)
103.—Ruins of the Ancient Church of Reculver.
The Kitchen Wall, Peterhouse
Howsham Hall.
III.—View in Radcliffe Square
7.—House of Jacques Cœur at Bourges (Begun 1443)
Water End
The Old Hall, Corpus Christi College
Milan Cathedral
Erasmus’ Tower, Queen’s College
Picton Castle. – Pembrokeshire.
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