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Bottom border with angel
Flying cherub firing an arrow
Initial Letter N by François Ehrmann
My Wandering Boy
Border of Roses and Thorns
Spring hedge-border corner image with love-birds
Initial letter T with cherubs
Music: detail: cherub with violin
Cupid and rose briar
Four Cherubs With Garlands, Ribbons and Flowers
The Kiss: the two lovers in the bedroom, a woodcut from page 501.
Decorative initial letter “B” with boy and book
The lovers, wallpaper edition, from page 501
Decorative initial E with angel, woman and cherub
How to write a love letter
angel with violin
Fantasy Romantic Border with Eros, Cherubs and Mermaids
Romantic Woman with Cherubs and Cartouche
Decorated Initial Letter T with Cherubs and Mask
Woman with initial letter “V”
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