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castles: A fortified defensive building or structure. Strictly speaking, a castle was also a home, whereas a fort was purely defensive, but I have used castle for any fortified place. A castle may also have had a dungeon or donjon, a sort of prison for offenders and captured soldiers.
Synonyms: fort , keep , garrison

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18.—Carnarvon: the Castle.
Picton Castle. – Pembrokeshire.
Penrith Castle, Cumberland
390.—Cardiff Castle
Plate 4.—Chepstow Castle, Monmouthshire.
Steps at Powis Castle, Near Welshpool
827.—Carnarvon Castle.
830.—Beaumaris Castle
832.—Harlech Castle
Caerphilly Castle, South Wales
Plate 12.—Newport, Monmouthshire.
Old Moat of Raglan
Plate 15.—Ragland Castle
Plate 15.—Ragland Castle (Wallpaper Edition)
Pembroke Castle (Plan)
Plate 16.—Powis Castle
Skenfrith Castle
Raglan Castle
Raglan Castle
Abergavenny Castle
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