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cathedrals: The principal church of a bishop's diocese; a large church or abbey.
Synonyms: church , abbey , minster

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Frontispiece: Cathedral o Messina
Religious Orders
Frontispiece: Lâon, View From the Plain
St. Mark’s.
Plate II. Canterbury Cathedral. South West View.
Plate III. Gloucester Cathedral. West Front and South Side.
Gloucester Cathedral Old Print - Wallpaper Version
The Coronation Chair
View From City Walls
View from City Walls (background version)
View From City Walls (Widescreen Version)
S. Peter’s and Castel Sant’ Angelo From the Tiber
St. Peter’s Rome from the River Tiber: wallpaper version
Milan Cathedral
Cathedral of S. Mark, Venice
The Church of St. Giles from the Lawnmarket
The Cathedral of York
565.—Canterbury Cathedral, South Side.
566,—Cathedral Precinct Gateway.
567.—Chapel in Canterbury Cathedral.
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