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costumes: the way people dressed; clothing outfits.
Synonyms: clothes , dress

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Frontispiece: Edward VII Taking the Oath
Front Cover detail: jester reading a book
Sitting in the pew
Frontispiece 3: Capt. E. J. Smith
Frontispiece: The Kirk collection
A Mameluke in Full Armour.
Victorian Carol Singers
61.—Gaulish Costume.
62.—Gaulish Costume.
63.—Gaulish Costume.
64.—Breast Plate
82.—Roman General, Standard Bearers, etc.
Initial Capital Letter “A” With Scholars
96.—Roman Standard Bearers.
97.—Roman Soldiers.
267.—Country Dance
168.—Lovers in the bushes.
189.—Arms and Costume of a Saxon Military Chief.
190.—Arms and Costume of an Anglo-Saxon King and Armour Bearer.
192.—Arms and Costume of Danish Warriors
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