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interiors: the insides of buildings.

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Religious Orders
Frontispiece: When He Comes He will Rule over the Whole World
Aunt Silvia in her Domain
Sitting in the pew
Frontispiece 2: Grand Dining Saloon—S.S. Titanic.
Frontispiece: Too Old for a Stocking
The Bishop of St. Praxed’s Orders his Tomb.
Frontispiece: The Kirk collection
Bust of William of Wykeham. 1394.
To take three thousand pounds from the fortune of their dear little boy would be impoverishing him.
Page 3. The Sunday Wood
In winter I get up at night / And dress by yellow candle-light.
Reconstructed Interior of Fourteenth-century Hall (Penshurst, Kent).
The Coronation Chair
Catacombs in Alexandria
Solid comfort and good health.
Young Bekie
112.—Interior of Norman Tower, Pevensey.
117.—Mantelpiece in the Gallery
O Waken, Waken, Burd Isbel
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