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manors: stately homes; the home of the local lord in Feudal times, hence the lord of the manor; often manorhouses have become large farmhouses today.
Synonyms: manor-house , stately home

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Sulgrave Manor
Frontispiece: Sulgrave Manor
Cranborne Manor House: The Loggia
Stanton Court: The Centre of West Point
Stanton Court: The Centre of West Point
Sheldons, Wiltshire [Frontispiece].
Rumwood Court [screen background version]
Rumwood Court
Reconstructed Interior of Fourteenth-century Hall (Penshurst, Kent).
Wilton House
92.—Kirby Hall
117.—Mantelpiece in the Gallery
Howsham Hall.
Wordsworth’s House, Rydal Mount
7.—House of Jacques Cœur at Bourges (Begun 1443)
150.—Daneway House, Gloucestershire.
Water End
Stokesay Castle
169.—Condover Hall, Shropshire
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