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End Paper: the young mad read to her from a small book.
Printer’s ornament with birds
Frontispiece: Beata Beatrix
Border of Roses and Thorns
The Day Dream
Love Birds Kissing
Decorative Initial Letter I
Cherub delivering a love-letter
Decorative initial “A” with girl and roses
Decorated (Historiated) initial letter B by Valerio Spada
Woman with initial letter “V”
Romantic Woman with Cherubs and Cartouche
Decorative initial letter “B” with boy and book
168.—Lovers in the bushes.
Awaiting the postman on Saint Valentine’s Day
A beast devours a human heart
Fantasy Romantic Border with Eros, Cherubs and Mermaids
Eros (Cherub with Bow)
Detail: burning heart
Detail: engraved heart
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